Recent testimonials:

                            --- David W., January 2016

Mitch did a great job helping us through our home inspection. He is very knowledgeable and open about what work may need done on the house and the best ways to get it done. Every question we had for him he responded with a very detailed answer. He was very meticulous about the inspection and took pictures of everything. When he was finished with the inspection he left us with an open relationship saying that if we ever have any questions or need advice on a contractor that we could call him at any time. I would definitely recommend using Mitch especially if there are any doubts about a home.

                            --- Lindsey W., January 2016

Mitch and Jim are not only the best inspectors I have ever come across but also two of the best people. My husband and I worked with them while we were in the process of buying a foreclosure. To say the least the process with the bank was long and difficult but the process with Mitch and Jim was a shining light at the end of the tunnel! Mitch was always available to answer questions and both gentleman came out to the property multiple times to ensure that we were covered from top to bottom. Even when we had to reschedule 10 times due to the bank and eventually cancel the inspection completely they never wavered in their professional and kind demeanor. They recommended specialty inspectors and contractors we needed and offered incredible, knowledgeable advice. I cannot say enough good things about these two. When looking for an inspector LOOK NOWHERE ELSE but Mitch and Jim!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            --- V J., January 2016

If you want a quality home inspection with an informative, detailed, and experienced inspector, I highly recommend Mitchell home Inspections. Customer service was excellent and I've received my inspection report within 24 hours.

                            --- Ken W., January 2016

Mitch and Jim were great.  Not only did they do a thorough inspection, they took the time to explain things to me.  They are from the area so they know the types of construction common in and around Annapolis.The report was very informative and well put together.

                           --- Michelle H., September 2015

We worked with Mitch and Jim for a recent home inspection and radon testing in our new home. Both of them were extremely informative and knowledgable. They spent a great deal of time reviewing everything with us making sure we had a good understanding of the property's downsides as well as good points. They were both very professional and responsive. We would recommend them without hesitation to anyone looking for a quality home inspector.                               

                             --- Daniel T., July 2015

Anyone who is familiar with the Annapolis, MD real estate market knows that you have to be prepared to move quickly and with confidence when the right opportunity presents itself. I contacted Mitchell Home Inspections twice in a one-week period with short notice (pre-contract) inspection requests, and in both instances Mitch was able to fully accommodate our needs.

During both inspections, Mitch and his partner Jim arrived and setup early, fully explained the inspection process to me, and invited me to follow along with them as they worked through the property, home, structure, and systems. By following along I gained a considerable amount of knowledge from the two seasoned professionals, which was later documented and provided in a detailed inspection report with photos. Most importantly, I was able to obtain a "gut feeling" for the condition of the home, the amount and critical nature of required repairs, and use that knowledge to determine the appropriate offer to submit.

Mitchell Home Inspections helped us to determine which home was the right one for us while providing us the much-needed confidence to submit a strong non-contingent "as-is" offer on the home. Our offer was accepted!

I highly recommend Mitchell Home Inspections.

                            --- Kaycee R., July 2015 

My husband and I had a great experience with Mitchell Home Inspections. These guys were extremely thorough, which was really important to me being a first-time buyer. They were detailed in the walk-through and also on the written report. The report was detailed but easy to read with photos showing exactly what the concerns were.  Their inspection and formal report helped my husband and I make important addendums to our contract- stuff I wouldn't have had a clue about if they hadn't taken the time to explain it to me. They were patient and professional, taking their time to listen to our questions and responding to us. They have also been very available after the inspection for all of our follow-up questions/concerns. I highly recommend these guys- they know their stuff, get the job done expeditiously, and are extremely professional!  Kaycee R.

                            --- Abbey B., July 2015

Mitch and Jim were able to schedule our inspection quickly, they arrived early, and were ready to start immediately. They were thorough and took their time, pointing things out as they worked. Mitch and Jim were both great about sharing concerns, as well as general home maintenance items. Their report was easy to understand, with color pictures, and even red arrows or circles on the pictures noting concerns.
We were so happy with the inspection and the report overall, and would highly recommend Mitchell Home Inspections. Our realtor took their business cards and definitely planned to recommend them to clients in the future.  Abbey B.

--- Ashlie M., May 2015

Hello Mitch & Jim,
I can't thank you both enough for your help Saturday! I finally had the time to read over the entire report and it was everything we'd talked about. You guys are so prompt and thorough; this was a wonderful experience! Thanks for being so helpful and taking the time to explain everything and answer questions. Some of the projects I think I'll be able tackle. Of course, for the majority I will call someone :) If you have any recommendations, I'd appreciate the referral.

Thank you again for all your help!

--- Ryan F., April 2015

Hi Mitch,
Thanks for getting the report over to me. Looks good, glad you labeled me in that picture too haha. After looking over the report I think I understand everything that you noted, but will contact you if I have any questions. I appreciate you both showing me what things are yesterday and taking your time to thoroughly look over the house. I definitely plan to leave you some positive reviews, but probably won't get around to that today.

Thank you

                            --- John S., April 2015 - Angie's List

First of all on one day's notice, Mitch agreed to do my home inspection in Harford Count; over an hour away from his normal area of operation. Mitch was punctual, even at the house before I was. When I approached Mitch to tell him who I was, he was extremely friendly and started explaining to the process involved in the home inspection. When he was done explaining the process, he asked me if I had any questions. I asked if it would be O.K. If I followed him around and asked question, Mitch's reply was absolutely. Mitch was very thorough and started inspecting the site and taking numberous pictures and notes. Mitch then moved to the roof of the home then the inside moving from the second floor to the basement. During the entire inspection, our conversations and his willingness to teach me about the various aspects of the house I was buying gave me the sense that he was doing a very thorough job. Mitch spent 4 hours doing my home inpection and wrote up a 35 page report within a day. I couldn't have been happier with the inspection that Mitch did. I would Highly recommend his services.

                             --- Kayla B., March 2015 - Angie's List
Mitchell inspected every single thing. He took his time and made sure it was done thoroughly. He also included us in the inspection, showing us different things he found to make us aware.
The inspection process with Mitchell went very well. He arrived on time and prepared. He got back with us in a timely manner with the inspection report. I would recommend Mitchell, and also return to him.

                             ---Brendan S., March 2015 - Yelp!

Mitch completed a home inspection for some of my clients who were first time home buyers. (I am a Realtor). So it was important to me and to them to be through and explain things without assuming to much and or scarring them. He did a nice balancing act of explaining problems that were found and did not show bias towards any extremes (which is important from my point of view). The report was well laid out with lots of pictures. Overall was a solid job. Although he is newer to the inspection world at the time of writing this, he and his partner clearly know their stuff. I would be more then happy to use them again.

                            ---Heather M., February 2015 - Yelp!

I experienced excellent customer service from Mitchell Home Inspections.  I was able to get the inspection scheduled right away at a time convenient for me.  I received a  full inspection report the very next day!  I was pleased with the thorough inspection and the professional interest taken in answering all my questions. I would highly recommend Mitchell Home Inspections to any prospective home buyers.

                            ---Adam W., February 2015 - Yelp!

My wife and I were and are very impressed with the Home Inspection Services that we received from Mitchell Home Inspections. They were very friendly, thorough, and knowledgeable with all aspects of the inspection. They took great pictures (including highlighting key areas), and provided an excellent and professional report within 24 hours of the inspection. The biggest value was the education that we received during and after the inspection (especially as first time home buyers). I am a little shocked at how little we knew about the house, and am definitely happy with our decision to go with Mitchell Home Inspections.
Another thing I noticed was the home inspectors and follow on report didn't just focus on everything that was wrong. In the report, the best, the worst, and everything in between was documented and explained.  I was also pleasantly surprised that they kept our original appointment time, despite 6 inches of snow falling the night before.

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